I offer a wide range of Thalgo facial treatments and products
At face2face Beauty and Therapeutic massage, you can enjoy a choice of relaxing, effective, Thalgo, facial treatments. Thalgo, experts in marine skincare and spa therapies for 50 years. Thalgo, draws on the riches of the ocean, to develop exceptional professional beauty treatments and skincare products. Whatever your skin concerns are, time is taken to discuss these and suggest the best Thalgo treatment/s for you. Thalgo, has treatments to re-balance, hydrate, soothe and combat ageing.



Look after your hands and nails at face2face Beauty
At face2face Beauty we have got all the options covered for manicure and nails, from nail extensions which do not damage the natural nail to a file and shape. So whether you have bitten nails or naturally beautiful nails we can keep your nails well groomed. Treatments available include express and full manicure treatments using OPI polish in colour or French. We offer OPI Gelcolor . Gel services are available for clients with healthy nails. Clients often ask how long does this take?
It depends on the condition of your cuticles which we always take care of before applying gel, so allow an hour. Professional removal is required 2-3 weeks later. We also offer another gel option by OPI called Axxium, this adds strength if your nails are soft and weak, again professional removal is required. Our latest nail service is CND Vinylux, a new polish from the makers of Shellac. Offers you week long wear, allows you to leave the salon dry and remove at home like regular polish!



Feet are important too!... Treat yourself to a luxurious pedicure and nail polish
At face2face Beauty there are many options and combinations of pedicure and feet treatments to suit everyone. What ever your requirements are, we guarantee to send you away with perfectly pampered, polished toes! Hard skin and cracked heels can be a real issue for many clients, we can successfully help eliminate and manage, this sometimes even painful problem. Callus Peel is a painless, effective treatment for hard skin build up and cracked heels. Clients love this treatment as your feet can be quite literally transformed with just one treatment. If you are not concerned with rough skin or callus then OPI Pro Spa
pedicure is perfect, also available extended option, with more time spent on either callus or massage. Pro Spa products, provide a touch of luxury and beautiful natural aroma’s which leave your skin softer, smoother; brighter and hydrated immediately. Gelcolor is available for a harder wearing finish, this is great for sports, the beach and if you want to leave the salon in your boots! Alternatively you can choose from the new range of CND Vinylux Weekly polish. Whatever you need, sit back and let us do the hard work for you.



A wide range of waxing treatments are available - facial, body and intimate waxing
Waxing treatments can be a sore point! Our experience means, at face2face Beauty you get quick, clean and efficient waxing service.

We offer strip waxing for the legs, underarms and regular bikini line waxing. And hot wax for Intimate female waxing and underarms if sensitive.

Our Australian Bodycare wax is heated to a comfortable temperature in a single use foil insert which ensures complete hygiene for each client. If booking intimate waxing please shower before your appointment. Heat treatments of any kind need to be avoided 24 hours after all waxing.



Lash and Brow tinting and Lash lift and tint
face2face Beauty offers eyelash tinting and Lash Lift and tint. Lash tinting is extremely effective for all clients with pale lashes and those who lashes have lighter ends. For eyelash tinting please note that you will need a skin test at least 24 hour before your treatment.
Lash Lift and tint  is an extremely flattering treatment for anyone who has straight or difficult to curl lashes. Lasting 6 -8 weeks, is a perfect holiday, special occasion treatment. Brides looking for a more natural boost to their lashes, this treatment could be just what you’re looking for. Lashes are naturally curled and fixed into position, making make-up application quick and easy. An allergy test is required a minimum of 24 hours in advance.


Therapeutic Massage

Massage...Let your body unwind..
Deep tissue back massages by face2face Beauty and Therapeutic massage in Church Crookham

At face2face Beauty Massage practice for me, is all about health and well being. I enjoy the benefits of a regular monthly massage myself, I do not see it as indulgent but more of a health insurance policy!

Taking time for yourself, giving your mind and body a chance to slow down, unwind and de-stress, is an all important part of being and feeling healthy.

Modern lifestyles are often busy to hectic and over time the body responds negatively, through illness, aches and pains.

Although massage is not a cure all, it has many mental and physical benefits, including stimulating the body’s lymphatic system (Cleansing the body), improving circulation, increasing mobility and reducing stiffness, helping insomnia, accelerating healing within the body, reducing muscle tension, reducing mental fatigue and stress.

Treatments currently offered are Swedish and Deep Tissue massage, Thai Foot and Leg massage and Anti-ageing Natural Lift face massage

When booking a massage, it is precious time for yourself. My salon provides a relaxing environment where you can switch off. Please remember to switch off your phone too! As a guide, it is beneficial if you can relax for a short while when you leave and drink plenty of water.


Swedish and Deep Tissue massage

Deep Tissue massage, works deeply into the fascia and muscle tissue to release tension. Treatments are firm but still working within your comfort zone, so you can look forward to a relaxing and effective treatment at the same time. Each treatment is tailored individually and a full consolation is carried at your first appointment.

Not suitable when pregnant.

 1 hour – £48 Monthly price £40


Thai Foot massages from face2face Beauty and Therapeutic massage - Church Crookham, Fleet

Thai Foot and Leg massage

This is an hour long therapy. Both manual and with a Thai foot stick, all parts of the foot, ankle and leg are massaged and released. Pressure point therapy, similar to Reflexology is carried out, making this a Holistic therapy. Ideal for anyone, as this treatment simply produces an overall feeling of relaxation and well being. Highly recommended for anyone with foot or lower leg problems, runners, pre or post event, athletes.

Not suitable during the first 3 months of pregnancy.

1 hour – £38

face2face Beauty and Therapeutic massage

Relaxing head massages from face2face Beauty and Therapeutic massage in Church Crookham

Anti-ageing Natural Lift face massage

Anti-ageing Natural Lift face massage is another treatment very much enjoyed by my clients.

It is a unique blend of Indian and Japanese massage techniques carried out on the arms, neck, shoulders, face, head and ears. Many clients struggle to stay fully awake, as this treatment is deeply relaxing. Also this treatment has many benefits to the skin, whilst having a natural lifting effect.

1 hour – £45 Monthly price £40