Therapeutic Massage

Relaxing Massage... Let your body unwind..
Deep tissue back massages by face2face Beauty and Therapeutic massage in Church Crookham

At face2face Beauty Massage practice for me, is all about health and well being. I enjoy the benefits of a regular monthly massage myself, I do not see it as indulgent but more of a health insurance policy!

Taking time for yourself, giving your mind and body a chance to slow down, unwind and de-stress, is an all important part of being and feeling healthy.

Modern lifestyles are often busy to hectic and over time the body responds negatively, through illness, aches and pains.

Although massage is not a cure all, it has many mental and physical benefits, including stimulating the body’s lymphatic system (Cleansing the body), improving circulation, increasing mobility and reducing stiffness, helping insomnia, accelerating healing within the body, reducing muscle tension, reducing mental fatigue and stress.

Treatments currently offered are Swedish and Deep Tissue massage, Thai Foot and Leg massage and Anti-ageing Natural Lift face massage, Aqua & Aqua Pregnancy massage and Chinese-inspired Gua Sha massage.

When booking a massage, it is precious time for yourself. My salon provides a relaxing environment where you can switch off. Please remember to switch off your phone too! As a guide, it is beneficial if you can relax for a short while when you leave and drink plenty of water.


Swedish and Deep Tissue massage

Deep Tissue massage, works deeply into the fascia and muscle tissue to release tension. Treatments are firm but still working within your comfort zone, so you can look forward to a relaxing and effective treatment at the same time. Each treatment is tailored individually and a full consolation is carried at your first appointment.

Not suitable when pregnant.

 1 hour – £50


Thai Foot massages from face2face Beauty and Therapeutic massage - Church Crookham, Fleet

Thai Foot and Leg massage

This is an hour long therapy. Both manual and with a Thai foot stick, all parts of the foot, ankle and leg are massaged and released. Pressure point therapy, similar to Reflexology is carried out, making this a Holistic therapy. Ideal for anyone, as this treatment simply produces an overall feeling of relaxation and well being. Highly recommended for anyone with foot or lower leg problems, runners, pre or post event, athletes.

Not suitable during the first 3 months of pregnancy.

1 hour – £40

face2face Beauty and Therapeutic massage

Relaxing head massages from face2face Beauty and Therapeutic massage in Church Crookham

Anti-ageing Natural Lift face massage

Anti-ageing Natural Lift face massage is another treatment very much enjoyed by my clients.

It is a unique blend of Indian and Japanese massage techniques carried out on the arms, neck, shoulders, face, head and ears. Many clients struggle to stay fully awake, as this treatment is deeply relaxing. Also this treatment has many benefits to the skin, whilst having a natural lifting effect.

1 hour – £45

massage with essential oils

back massage with essential oils

90 Minute combination massage

Begin your relaxation experience with a 30 minute Deep tissue back massage, followed by 30 minutes of Anti ageing Natural Lift massage and finish with a 30 minute Thai Foot massage.

Using essential oils, we offer a back and neck massage to suit your needs, aid relaxation and ease tension. Suitable for those with tension but not back injuries.

Not suitable when pregnant.

90 mins – £70


Gua Sha facial massage

Gua Sha facial massage

Holistic Gua Sha – Very often, clients are unaware that tension is held in the facial muscles, especially the jaw. Originally a chinese therapy, the Gua Sha massage tools, made of rose quartz, smooth and cool to the touch. This treatment focuses on gliding movements, working towards the lymph nodes, stimulating the removal of toxins from the system. Gua Sha are excellent tools for working around the neck area, increasing blood flow rapidly, often producing much quicker relaxation of muscle tissue that with hands alone.

What can be treated with Gua Sha massage:
• Sluggish dull skin
• General tension
• Headaches
• Migraine
• TMJ Problems (Jaw, teeth grinding)
• Puffiness
• Aching neck and shoulders

1 hour treatment, bespoke for your needs – £50

Aqua pregnancy massage

Aqua and Aqua pregnancy massage

Imagine laying on a warm cloud!

This treatment is enjoyed whilst laying on your back without the need to turn. Specially designed warm water filled cushions, offer the perfect support creating complete comfort. A full body massage is possible with no disruption.

In pregnancy, the head section of the couch is elevated for safety and the temperature of the cushions is cooler. Can be enjoyed from 3 months to full term.

1 hour – £57