Neoelegance lumineo Led light therapy

Lumineo Led therapy lamp

Relaxing therapy with no down time.

LED Light Therapy…

Everyone wants to have great looking skin! At face2face Beauty & Therapeutic massage, I’m excited to announce the addition of an innovative treatment – LED light therapy. This treatment is relaxing to have, a single session takes just 10 minutes and has no down time. Led light therapy also has few contra indications, just pregnancy, Epilepsy and photo sensitising medications.

Led light, activates the skins photoreceptors and allows the skin cells to absorb the energy. This stimulates cellular activity, leading to various skin benefits, depending on the chosen wavelength. Led penetrates deeper than any skincare, treating the skin from the inside out. lumineo offers 7 different options, which target all skin concerns. Red LED light therapy is often the “go to” choice, penetrating the skin 8-10 mm, stimulating the Fibroblasts within the extra cellular matrix, these are responsible for producing Collagen, Elastin and Hyaluronic acid, so can help to minimise fine lines and wrinkles. Red Led also increases skin hydration, evens out skin tone, soothes irritated skin, reduces redness and is suitable for sensitive skin.

Blue Led, is another amazing wavelength, as it kills the bacteria which cause pustulues and spots seen in those with acne. Also it reduces sebum production, and calms the skin. Blue led offers an alternative treatment to taking antibiotics with no side effects.
Rosasea is another skin condition with is difficult to control and hard to treat, The calming, healing and anti inflammatory effects of Led light can offer help with this skin condition. In a nut shell Led light therapy offers many skin benefits, in record time with no down time. Its a great stand alone treatment, perfect as a course of treatments, also following Botox or fillers to aid healing, or takes many other facial therapies to the next level!

Aqua Pregnancy massage and Aqua Relax massage

Pregnancy Massage

Aqua Pregnancy massage and Aqua Relax massage…. I’m very much looking forward to bring two special new massage treatments to you. Pregnancy is a special time, however it often brings stress and strain to your body. Massage can be one route to relaxing you during this time. Aqua massage is not only for during pregnancy, but offers you a totally supine massage treatment, more comfortable than lying on your front for some, and less disruptive. During Aqua Pregnancy massage and Aqua Relax massage, your body is fully supported by two specially designed warm water cushions, with a soft bolster under your knees. Your body feels  comforted by warmth before the massage even begins. Pressure required for massage your back in created by your own body weight.

I discovered and experienced Aqua relax massage recently at the Olympia beauty show in September, I look forward to offering you some special new treatments… to relax and renew you!

New OPI Pro Spa Manicure and Pedicure

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Really looking forward to using OPI’s latest Manicure and Pedicure products OPI Pro Spa!

Developed by OPI and Dermatologist Dr. Zena Gabriel, to deliver quality and efficacy of facial skincare, OPI Pro Spa is a premium product for hands and feet.

OPI Pro Spa, Manucure and Pedicure products

Featuring two key ingredients OPI Pro Spa contains…

CUPUAÇU BUTTER A Brazilian superfruit with 9 essential fatty acids for unparalleled moisture (240% more moisturising than Lanolin). Vitamin B3, Niacin for moisturising and anti aging properties, and 9 free radical fighting antioxidants to protect the skin.

The antioxidant superstar ingredient, to protect skin from free radical damage. Also helps to prevent the breakdown of collagen and elastin.

My verdict, OPI Pro Spa get the thumbs up! Great to use and great results for clients.

A good wax…

Hello readers..

There are several ways to get rid of unwanted hair, shaving, Epilady; Waxing; IPL (intensed pulsed light) and Laser.
The last two being relatively expensive, are a bit of an investment and limited to those with some cash to spare!

So Waxing remains a great choice to rid yourself of hair for a number of weeks (up to a max of around 6).
Personally I think its a great option and have done my own waxing for years… However waxing just seems to be one of those treatments that doesn’t always get a positive reaction when it’s mentioned. A friend said to me the other day, isn’t one wax the same as another? Well going on my experience, certainly things I have heard over the years this is not true.


Cutting to the chase, what can you expect when you have a good Waxing experience?

A consultation for starters, not only your basic client details for the record, but to check if you have any contra- indications to Waxing, or are using any medications or skin treatments, that may make you unsuitable for Waxing.

The wax should feel a comfortable temperature, unfortunately I have seen clients from other salons who have been burned with wax, one lady on her eyebrows, not nice!

Basically you should feel you are getting a quick and confident waxing, lets face it you just want it done as quickly as possible without feeling rushed.

It should also be clean, as in wax all removed from wherever you are having waxed and the hairs too. So applied to all the hairy bits and all hair removed. N wax or hairs left behind.

When you are all done, appropriate aftercare. Again I have clients who say “I’ve never been told that before”, when I give them their aftercare instructions.

Want to try out a good wax? Grow your hairs to around 5mm (will take around 7-10 days), book yourself in for a half leg wax with me. If you are not happy with your waxing, I won’t charge you..

Hopefully this Blog has been helpful Jo

Not all Gel nails are the same!

Hello Readers,

A really short blog from me this month, inspired by one of my own clients ….
Just before the New year, a regular client came into to have her Gel nails removed and re done.
For reasons I won’t bore you with, this particular client had not been able to make her booked appointment with me before Christmas and so on a spur of the moment decision, had her nails done in a nail bar, whilst away.
My client arrived, who normally soaks off her own gel quite easily and told me that she had been trying to soak her nails off for about an hour! After looking at them they were still pretty much in tact. It took me a further 50 minutes to get the nails off with some pre filing and more soaking and a bit more encouragement for want of a better description…
This is not the first time I have a client, whose gel nails I have had remove and it has been a lenghty experience.
I simply wanted to pass this on to you, because its obvious to me that some nail gel products out there clearly don’t respond that well to normal acetone based removal. This is the kindest method of removal for your nails and with a quality nail gel it should take no longer than ten minutes. Some gels are removed with drills in many nail bars and this is not great if you want to maintain healthy natural nails.


OPI Gel Colour a great Gel choice with easy removal

Relax, with a massage…

As I get older one of the lessons that life repeatedly demonstrates is the need for relaxation!

This year has been and still is a great journey for me in terms of learning and adding to my skills. Having been a therapist for 28 years does not mean I have learned everything I need to know, there is always a new challenge out there. Two great courses I have attended this year have enabled me to make two new treatments available at face2face Beauty. I wanted to tell you a little about one of them, so.

… Back to relaxation, It can take many forms and the main thing is to find a space in this busy life. Stop, breathe and do nothing. For some that might be a pamper and naturally I would of course recommend that as a perfect way to re charge.

Natural lift face massage.

If you have never experienced a face massage, this really is a special treatment. In brief it is a unique blend of Indian and Japanese massage techniques carried out on the neck, shoulders, face, ears and head. Pressure point massage to the face makes also gives this treatment a Holistic element. It is common for many to hold tension in the neck and shoulders and this is then carried to the Jaw (one of the last places to relax even when the whole body is relaxed). This hour long treatment certainly has many of my clients  ‘floating away’.


I love this treatment so much, I would love everyone to experience it. Please go to my Offers page to discover a special offer for you… This treatment also makes the perfect pamper gift, why not buy someone special this treatment for Christmas (savings apply).




Here are some of the benefits to Natural lift face massage –

Releases tension

Increases suppleness to the skin

Helps to relieve symptoms of Insomnia, headaches and eyestrain.

Tone and tighten skin and underlying muscle

Stimulates cellular activity

Elimination of toxins

Removes dead skin cells

Promotes circulation

Induces Mental and physical relaxation

Help maintain a fresh and youthful appearance

Patch testing for Eyelash tinting

Patch tests are important. Why you may ask? Isn’t it quicker and more simple just to book your eyelash tint and get it done with convenience?
You may think so, but the problem is allergies are not fully understood. Although it has long been known that an allergy is the body’s reaction to something it thinks is a threat or infection. The reason why people can suddenly develop allergies are not clearly understood.
The truth of the matter is that some people can have an extreme allergic reaction and sadly sometimes fatal. Julie MaCabe was 42 when she died from anaphylaxis after colouring her hair. Julie’s inquest revealed, that Julie regularly died her hair at home and had done for some 20 years. However a ‘black henna’ Tattoo she’d got whilst in Dubai containing high concentrations of a chemical PPD (can be highly absorbed by the body and cause changes), was likely the catalyst to cause the fatal reaction Julie had. Fortunately such tattoo’s are illegal here in the UK.
It is a fact that the more exposed you are to to hair dyes, especially the dark colours the more susceptible you are to a reaction.
BABTAC (British association of beauty therapy and cosmotology) commissioned research recently that revealed that nearly three quarters of all therapists failed to advise potential clients that a patch test was necessary before carrying out certain treatments. I find these results alarming especially knowing that allergic reactions are a reality. My message is be safe, don’t be tempted to skip a patch test. And if you are not offered a patch test then think twice about your choice of salon.


Cracked Heels, is this a problem for you?


It’s that time of year again when our feet are on show….

Are you looking at your heels and seeing rough hard skin with deep cracks? Once your heels are at this stage it is a challenge to treat them at home yourself. You have probably tried foot cream and are perhaps getting nowhere?

There are a wide variety of home treatments and devices on the market to help tackle the condition, and all will mean taking time out regularly to treat your heels.

Clients often ask me why do they have cracked heels? In my experience some people, (men included) are just prone to the condition and that’s that!

So what can you do? It’s really about management and that’s up to you! How much effort do you want to make to help prevent the skin building up, drying out and cracking? If the condition has been aloud to build up to a level where deep cracks have appeared in your feet, this is obviously unsightly but cam be painful too.

In all honesty it is difficult to treat yourself at home. Daily bathing and pumicing, followed by massaging in foot cream which contains Urea (this is the active ingredient which helps to break down excess skin and prevent further build up).

If you are struggling with cracked heels please contact me I can help. Callus Peel is a salon treatment I offer, it is painless and very effective. You can have normal healthy feet again and not be embarrassed to where beautiful summer sandals!

Just remember if you are prone to this condition you will have to invest some time regularly to keep it at bay.

Gel nails verses Vinylux

Clients often want to know how gel nails compare with Vinylux 7 day manicure by CND the makers of Shellac. There are now a whole range of gel type polishes coming to the market offering longer lasting
polished nails.
Do they work? Well I can’t tell you about OPi’s product, ULtimate Shine just yet as it has only just been launched.
So, Gel – what do you get?
Firstly your nails need to be in good condition, and this does make all the difference in terms of how well your gel will last. The main problem is flaky nails. Flakes create an unstable base for the gel, which can easily end up chipping on the flaky bits of nail.
Sometimes gel nails get bad press, I meet clients who say gel nails have ruined my nail or a friends nails! This is undoubtedly because they haven’t followed aftercare advice, or indeed been given any aftercare advice.
Gel nails are a salon treatment that just require a follow up, either to remove them properly or re apply if suitable and desired.
The main reason for nail damage following Gel application is simply incorrect removal, which usually involves some picking!! Always remember that any loose gel will be connected to gel that is not loose, if pulled it will peel away healthy nail. You then have to wait a long time for the nail to grow out and feel strong again.
Anyway back to what you get with Gel – 2-3 weeks of great looking nails. Initially the gel will have a beautiful shine which will wear over time. Gel withstands most daily activities very well and is far superior to normal polish and beats Vinylux. Gel is perfect for holiday’s and special occasions, where you really need a reliable product. Gel nails enable you to leave the salon completely dry.
Clients with slower growing nails benefit, as the re growth area at the base of the nail will take longer to appear.
Vinylux – I have been using this product for almost a year, so I have had the opportunity to see how it performs.
Vinylux is marketed as a 7 day polish. Does it live up to it’s claim?
I was very sceptical, as I personally can keep normal polishes on for much more than 24 hours!
My experience with clients has has been excellent, and for the vast majority Vinylux performs very well and sometimes exceeds the 7 days. I have had clients reporting as much as 10 day wear!
Vinylux goes on without a base coat as the base coat is built in, you have 2 coats then a top coat.
Complete dry time is 8.5 minutes, which is great too as you can leave the salon dry. Vinylux is a great option, if you need (perhaps due to your job) or want to take the product off yourself. This can be done easily at home, simply remove with an acetone based polish remover.
Personally I can keep Vinylux on for 7 days, I have never used another product which has performed so well on my nails, with the exception of gel.
In conclusion there are benefits to both products, but Vinylux does not provide the same level of performance and reliability as gel. The 7 day claim cannot be guaranteed, but I think it’s definitely worth a try and a great option if it suits you!

Summer ready…

Be ready!

Be ready!

Summer is just around the corner, so now is the time to think about bearing our legs and feet!

Here are my 5 Top tips –

Start using a body exfoliator to get rid of unwanted dead skin cells, contcentrate on knees and ankles where the skin can build up. You can make your own exfoliator with some Olive or Almond oil and sugar if you don’t want a trip to the shops.

Think about hair removal? How are you going to tackle it this summer? The Razor is fine, quick and easy! But does not last long and gives you stubble in days and can give you shaving rash. A professional wax is quick and clean with a confident, experienced therapist and will give you smooth legs for weeks.

Make a little window for yourself to apply an all over body moisturiser. Even if you can’t manage every day, 3- 4 times a week will have your skin looking hydrated.

When you have tackled the dead skin, hair and dryness you are ready for for self tan. There are loads on the market to choose from and if you have taken the above steps then your results should be good. The daily moisturisers with tan added are a good choice to take away the white leg look, and only take a few days to start looking a good colour. Just make sure you buy the right shade for your skin tone. If your knees and ankles are still a bit dry, try some ordinary moisturiser on those areas first before applying the moisturiser with tan.

Feet… The best option is to book a Pedicure, this will deal fully with hard skin build up and dry hard cuticles. At home have a good soak in the bath and pumice the heels and balls of the feet. Give your feet a good, rough dry with a towel. Focus on the cuticles and ease them back. Give yourself a nice foot massage with a foot cream or hard skin cream, containing Urea. This ingredient helps to control the hard skin from building up.

For further help please contact me 01252 850155