Look after your hands and nails at face2face Beauty
At face2face Beauty we have got all the options covered for manicure and nails, from nail extensions which do not damage the natural nail to a file and shape. So whether you have bitten nails or naturally beautiful nails we can keep your nails well groomed. Treatments available include express and full manicure treatments using OPI polish in colour or French. We offer OPI Gelcolor . Gel services are available for clients with healthy nails. Clients often ask how long does this take?
It depends on the condition of your cuticles which we always take care of before applying gel, so allow an hour. Professional removal is required 2-3 weeks later. We also offer another gel option by OPI called Axxium, this adds strength if your nails are soft and weak, again professional removal is required. Our latest nail service is CND Vinylux, a new polish from the makers of Shellac. Offers you week long wear, allows you to leave the salon dry and remove at home like regular polish!

Pro Spa Manicure and Pedicure products

OPI Pro Spa Manicure

A luxurious manicure, leaving your hands replenished and beautifully soft, nails perfectly polished.

1 hour£27

OPI Express manicure – 30 mins

For a French polish add – £5


Axxium Gel Hands & Feet

Axxium soak off gel is a fantastic way to enjoy O.P.I. colours in a long lasting way. Designed for shorter natural nails, it adds strength and encourages nail growth. It lasts 2-3 weeks. Professional removal is strongly recommended.

Full set of Axxium Gel Hands or Feet
– 1 hour – £30

French finish Axxium Gel
– 1 hour 10 mins – £35

Gel in-fill
– 1 hour – £25

Axxium Soak off and tidy
– 40 mins – £15

Removal and Axxium gel application
– 1 hour 10 mins – £35

Axxium Clear gel, stronger than coloured gels, can be worn with varnish
– 1 hour – £30


Gel Color by OPI

A new gel offers glossy nails, fast curing and easy removal to respect the natural nail.

Hands application – 1 hour – £29

Toes application – 1 hour – £29

Removal and re-application – 1 hour 10 mins – £35

French Polish add – 1 hour 10 mins – £5

Gel removal – 25 mins – £7


CND Vinylux manicure

Vinylux is a breakthrough polish that endures a week of fashion perfection… Without a basecoat! Exposure to natural sunlight secures the patent pending technology, creating an enduring long lasting polish. While ordinary polishes become brittle and deteriorate over time, Vinylux dries naturally to a flawless finish and strengthens it’s resistance to chips over time.

Change it when you want to, not because you have to.


Express Vinylux

Cuticles, file and shape, choice of Vinylux colour.

30 mins

As above with french finish

40 mins


Full manicure with Vinylux finish

Cuticle work, shaping, exfoliation, massage and Vinylux finish.

1 hour

As above with french finish

1 hour 5 mins


Nail Extensions

Backscratchers Glass glaze nail extensions – 2 hours – £40
In-fill 2-3 week maintenance – 1 hour – £22
Glass glaze application to natural nails – 1 hour – £32