Neoelegance lumineo Led light therapy

Lumineo Led therapy lamp

Relaxing therapy with no down time.

LED Light Therapy…

Everyone wants to have great looking skin! At face2face Beauty & Therapeutic massage, I’m excited to announce the addition of an innovative treatment – LED light therapy. This treatment is relaxing to have, a single session takes just 10 minutes and has no down time. Led light therapy also has few contra indications, just pregnancy, Epilepsy and photo sensitising medications.

Led light, activates the skins photoreceptors and allows the skin cells to absorb the energy. This stimulates cellular activity, leading to various skin benefits, depending on the chosen wavelength. Led penetrates deeper than any skincare, treating the skin from the inside out. lumineo offers 7 different options, which target all skin concerns. Red LED light therapy is often the “go to” choice, penetrating the skin 8-10 mm, stimulating the Fibroblasts within the extra cellular matrix, these are responsible for producing Collagen, Elastin and Hyaluronic acid, so can help to minimise fine lines and wrinkles. Red Led also increases skin hydration, evens out skin tone, soothes irritated skin, reduces redness and is suitable for sensitive skin.

Blue Led, is another amazing wavelength, as it kills the bacteria which cause pustulues and spots seen in those with acne. Also it reduces sebum production, and calms the skin. Blue led offers an alternative treatment to taking antibiotics with no side effects.
Rosasea is another skin condition with is difficult to control and hard to treat, The calming, healing and anti inflammatory effects of Led light can offer help with this skin condition. In a nut shell Led light therapy offers many skin benefits, in record time with no down time. Its a great stand alone treatment, perfect as a course of treatments, also following Botox or fillers to aid healing, or takes many other facial therapies to the next level!

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