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Jo approaches massage therapies, holistically, indeed offering Some Eastern-inspired treatments, such as Gua Sha and Thai Foot Massage. My massage treatments aim to treat the body as a whole, with care to the body, mind, and soul. Although massage is not a cure-all, it has many mental and physical benefits, including stimulating the body’s lymphatic system (Cleansing the body), improving circulation, increasing mobility and reducing stiffness, helping insomnia, accelerating healing within the body, reducing muscle tension, reducing mental fatigue and stress. The benefits of holistic massage cannot be overstated; mindful human touch is very healing and restorative.


Back massage with essential oils

Swedish and Deep Tissue massage

Deep Tissue massage, works deeply into the fascia and muscle tissue to release tension. Treatments are firm but still working within your comfort zone, so you can look forward to a relaxing and effective treatment at the same time. Each treatment is tailored individually and a full consultation is carried out at your first appointment.

Not suitable when pregnant.

1 hour - £50


Thai Foot and Leg Massage

Thai Foot and Leg massage

This is an hour long therapy. Both manual and with a Thai foot stick, all parts of the foot, ankle and leg are massaged and released. Pressure point therapy, similar to Reflexology is carried out, making this a Holistic therapy. Ideal for anyone, as this treatment simply produces an overall feeling of relaxation and well being. Highly recommended for anyone with foot or lower leg problems, runners, pre or post event, athletes.

Not suitable during the first 3 months of pregnancy.

1 hour - £40


Anti-ageing natural face lift massage

Anti-ageing Natural Lift face massage

Anti-ageing Natural Lift face massage is another treatment very much enjoyed by my clients.

It is a unique blend of Indian and Japanese massage techniques carried out on the arms, neck, shoulders, face, head and ears. Many clients struggle to stay fully awake, as this treatment is deeply relaxing. Also this treatment has many benefits to the skin, whilst having a natural lifting effect.

1 hour – £45


90 minute back massage with essential oils

90 Minute combination massage

Exclusive to my salon, a unique massage therapy created for clients who love massage.

Combining my clients' favourite treatments, Deep Tissue back massage, Natural facelift massage and Thai Foot massage. Your treatment will flow for 90 minutes… I invite you to let your mind and body unwind.  

Not suitable when pregnant.

90 mins – £70


Gua Sha facial massage

Holistic Gua Sha

A favoured treatment of beauty editors and skin specialists!

Originally a Chinese therapy, the Gua Sha massage tools, made of rose quartz are smooth and cool to the touch.

This treatment focuses on gliding movements, working towards the lymph nodes, stimulating the removal of toxins from the system. Very often, clients are unaware that tension is held in the facial muscles, especially the Jaw. Gua Sha are excellent tools for working around the neck area, increasing blood flow rapidly, often producing much quicker relaxation of muscle tissue that with hands alone.

What can be treated with Gua Sha massage:

  • Sluggish dull skin

  • General tension
  • Headaches
  • Migraine
  • TMJ Problems (Jaw, teeth grinding)

  • Puffiness
  • Aching neck and shoulders


1 hour treatment, bespoke for your needs – £50


Aqua pregnancy massage

Aqua and Aqua pregnancy massage

Imagine laying on a warm cloud!

This treatment is enjoyed whilst laying on your back without the need to turn. Specially designed warm water filled cushions, offer the perfect support creating complete comfort. A full body massage is possible with no disruption.

In pregnancy, the head section of the couch is elevated for safety and the temperature of the cushions is cooler. Can be enjoyed from 3 months to full term.

1 hour – £57



Facial care is client centred. This means that within the treatment menu, treatments are personalised and flexible to achieve the best results for individual clients. 

Currently, Jo offers SkinBase Microdermabrasion, and innovative Led light therapy. Both treatments stimulate natural skin repair processes leading to healthier-looking skin.

Global Experts in Marine beauty - Thalgo is Jo’s chosen skincare brand. Thalgo provides professional quality, and a complete range of effective, luxurious skincare for all skin types.

Thalgo Facial Treatments

Thalgo Facial Treatments

At face2face Beauty and Therapeutic massage, you can enjoy a choice of relaxing, effective, Thalgo facial treatments. Thalgo, experts in marine skincare and spa therapies for over 50 years.

Thalgo, draws on the riches of the ocean, to develop exceptional professional beauty treatments and skincare products. Whatever your skin concerns are, time is taken to discuss these and suggest the best Thalgo treatment/s for you.

Thalgo, has treatments to re-balance, hydrate, brighten, soothe and combat ageing.


Purity ritual facial

Purity Ritual

The perfect introduction to Thalgo, facial treatments.

This facial, is adapted to your skin type and leaves skin feeling clean, soft, rebalanced and hydrated.

1 hour – £41


Source Marine ritual facial

Source Marine Ritual

A moisture boosting delight for all skin types but especially dehydrated. Features Thalgo’s Marine source range, delivering intense and lasting hydration. Leaves the skin smooth, plump and radiant.

1 hour – £51


Anti dark spots facial

Anti Dark spots – Brightening Lumiére Marine facial

Thalgo’s high performance anti-pigmentation and rejuvenating facial effectively reduces pigmentation marks and dark spots which can arise from environmental stressors such as pollution, smoking, UV rays and blue light, giving the skin a dull and less youthful appearance.

With progressive triple exfoliation and the clarifying powers of Brown Algae extract, this effective treatment provides a tailor-made correction of all skin tone and dark spot concerns, for a clearer, brighter complexion.

1 hour – £61


3 algae facial

3 Algae facial

A rebalancing, detoxifying treatment incorporating Thalgo’s pure marine algae mask.

Perfect for oily or combination skins, leaving skin clearer with less visible pores.

1 hour – £52


Thalgo peeling marin treatment facial

Thalgo Peeling Marin treatment

A new innovation from Thalgo the first marine cosmeceutical range with acids from fermented, micronised marine algae, which renews skin quality for a visible ‘new skin’ effect.

Peeling Marin, offers a gradual customised approach to meet each skin concern. There are 3 grades of peel, targeting pores, skin texture, wrinkles and tone.

30 mins – £40
3 week course, one treatment of each grade – £116
course of 6 treatments – £230


Hyaluronic filler facial

Hyaluronic Filler facial

This anti-wrinkle facial, has been specially designed to target specific lines and wrinkles.

This facial, features Thalgo’s Dermastim massage, microdermabrasion crystal exfoliation. Also, a high-tech dual action mask that is enriched with marine hyaluronic complex, to plump out lines and wrinkles.

1 hour – £61


Cold Cream Marine ritual facial

Cold Cream Marine Ritual

The SOS treatment for sensitive, fragile, reactive skin. Features a repairing serum and soothing plant extracts, including witch hazel and chamomile.

This treatment soothes, and desensitises the skin.

1 hour - £51


Lumineo LED light therapy

Lumineo LED light therapy

How does Lumineo work?

An innovative, effective treatment, incorporating Led wavelengths. Each treatment, takes only 10 minutes, during which you can relax. Led, wavelengths  penetrate the skin, were they  are picked up by the photoreceptors within the skins cells.  Used by both doctors and facialists, to accelerate wound healing, boost Collagen production, even out skin tone, reduce breakouts and inflammation, improving the overall complexion of the skin. 

Therefore can be added to any facial treatment, boosting the benefits to your treatment.

Led light therapy – 10 minute session – £20

A course of 6-10 sessions is recommended to treat Acne or Rosacea.

Lumineo can also be used to treat Acne on the back.


Please book a complimentary consultation.


Gua Sha radiance glow facial

Gua Sha Radiance Glow facial

A unique treatment created by Jo, to boost your skin from the inside out, leaving  your skin healthy and glowing. Incorporating orange Led light, to boost blood circulation, oxygenation and aid lymphatic drainage, complimented by a Gua Sha facial massage and a Thalgo Radiance mask.

Enjoy a relaxing, facial therapy to leave your skin healthy and glowing.

1 hour – £59


Teen facial

Teen Facial

I’m keen to help teens, (I have 2 of my own!) especially when experiencing Acne. Blue Led light therapy works by killing the bacteria which cause spots and pustules, this greatly encourages healing. SkinBase microdermabrasion can also be very effective as it thoroughly exfoliates the skin and helps clear blocked pores. 

Book a free consultation, where I can assess your skin and make a recommendation of products and treatments that can improve your skin.

A combination of Thalgo, SkinBase Microdermabrasion and or Led light therapy may be advised, alongside basic appropriate homecare.

Prices start from £37.

Teenage facial courses are bespoke and discounted.
Get a free SkinBase cleansing wash with 6 or more treatments.


Led light therapy – 10 minute session – £22
Course of 5 sessions – £90


Skinbase Microdermabrasion facial

SkinBase Microdermabrasion

Beauty Guild Award Winner Best Advanced Facial 2018-2019

SkinBase Microdermabrasion is a progressive treatment, where a fine jet of crystals, removes the very top layer of your skin. Stimulating your skin to produce a fresh layer of skin cells. The dead skin cells and skin impurities are vacuumed away, stimulating your circulation and the production of new Collagen. 

There is zero down time with SkinBase Microdermabrasion, making it even a lunch time treatment!

The treatment leaves your skin ultra smooth and clean with a fresh glow. A course of SkinBase Microdermabrasion can treat uneven skin, scarring, acne (not grade 4), fine lines and wrinkles and pigmentation marks.

Because SkinBase Microdermabrasion leaves your skin ultra smooth and produces a brightness to the skin, it is the perfect bridal treatment. This treatment can also be applied on the back area to reduce the appearance of acne scarring, and also for stretch marks, following pregnancy.

The treatment takes 30 minutes or 1 hour for the facial treatment, which includes a treatment mask and massage. 

The skin is more receptive to a treatment mask following the exfoliation process, I highly recommend this option which includes and neck, shoulder and Rose quartz  roller facial massage. For optimum results, upgrade with and Led light session.

Courses are discounted. See price list.

You save £10 on your first treatment!


  • Goodbye tired old skin. Hello fresh, glowing new skin!
  • Before / After microdermabrasion
  • Amazing results for acne

30 min treatment – £47
1 hr – £62
Course of 6 treatments - £245




Cryopen offers a quick, safe, non-invasive method of removal for unwanted skin blemishes. Blemishes such as Skin tags, Warts, Age spots (pigmentation), Milia, Cherry angioma, and Viral verrucae, are in most cases now not treated by GP’s, but can be easily treated by a trained therapist in a beauty salon.

Cryopen treatment takes seconds, procedures typically last from 5 -30 seconds. A fine jet of Nitrous Oxide under high pressure allows millimetre precision application, ensuring healthy surrounding tissue is unaffected. A full consultation is carried out before your treatment.

Treatment is available for over 18’s only.

Cryopen for the removal of skin imperfections

  • Before and after Cryopen treatments
  • Cryopen treatment progression
  • Before and after Cryopen treatments
  • Before and after Cryopen treatments

Treatment cost is determined by the size and location of the skin imperfection, prices start at £45



At face2face Beauty we have lots of experience with nails. Whatever your issues or problems we can help. Services available include Express and full Manicure, OPI gelcolor Manicure, and Gelish Structure gel application, suitable for weak and flaky nails, Opi Pro Spa and gelcolor along with Vinylux long wear polish, which have proven to be excellent products, giving great results.

Vinylux long wear polish, typically lasts clients longer than regular polish, cures in under 10 minutes and can be removed at home with regular polish remover. Some clients find this a perfect alternative to gel manicures.

Not sure what you need? Just ask, we’re happy to advise you.

Hygiene is guaranteed for my Manicure and Pedicure services, with single use files and foot files.


OPI Pro Spa Manicure

OPI Pro Spa Manicure

A luxurious manicure, leaving your hands replenished and beautifully soft, nails perfectly polished.

1 hour – £30
OPI Express manicure 30 mins - £21
For a French polish add – £5


Gelcolor manicure by Face2Face Beauty

Gelcolor by OPI

OPI Gelcolor is a luxurious gel polish with a rapid cure time,  perfect for a long lasting,  glossy & chip resistant Manicure!

Gel Manicure or Pedicure 1 hour – £31
Gel Manicure and Pedicure - £58
Removal and re-application 1 hour 10 mins – £36
French Polish add 1 hour 10 mins – £5
Gel removal 25 mins – £13


CND Vinylux manicure

CND Vinylux manicure

Vinylux Long wear polish contains Caring complex, which conditions your nails with Keratin, Jojoba oil and vitamin E. When exposed to natural sunlight is also strengthened due to patented technology, creating an enduring long lasting polish.

While ordinary polishes become brittle and deteriorate over time, Vinylux dries naturally in under 10 minutes to a flawless finish and strengthens its resistance to chips over time.

Change it when you want to, not because you have to.

Full manicure with Vinylux finish

Full manicure with Vinylux finish

Cuticle work, shaping, exfoliation, massage and Vinylux finish.

1 hour - £32


Gelish structure gel client progress

Gelish Structure gel service

Gelish Structure gel, provides a smooth, strong, and strengthened nail base. An application is ideally suited, to clients with weak, soft and flaky nails.

This treatment includes a polish or Vinylux finish, which can then be removed (leaving Structure gel in place) and changed for another colour.

This service can help in growing your nails, when they are flaky and soft. I am happy to assess your nails, and advise you. Follow up appointments are necessary.

Application £39
Maintenance £36



At face2face Beauty there are many options and combinations of Pedicure and feet treatments to suit everyone. Whatever your requirements are, we guarantee to send you away with perfectly pampered, polished toes! Hard skin and cracked heels can be a real issue for many clients, we can successfully help eliminate and manage, this sometimes even painful problem.

Callus Peel is a painless, effective treatment for hard skin build up and cracked heels. Clients love this treatment as your feet can be quite literally transformed with just one treatment. If you are not concerned with rough skin or callus then OPI Pro Spa Pedicure is perfect, also available is an extended option, with more time spent on either callus or massage. Pro Spa products provide a touch of luxury and beautiful natural aromas, leaving your skin softer, smoother, brighter and hydrated immediately.

Gelcolor is available for a harder wearing finish, this is great for sports, the beach and if you want to leave the salon in your boots! Alternatively you can choose from the new range of CND Vinylux Weekly polish. Whatever you need, sit back and let us do the hard work for you.

Hygiene is guaranteed for my Manicure and Pedicure services, with single use files and foot files.


Callus peel

Callus Peel

Hard skin removal, for hard skin build up and dry cracked heels. Gentle but extremely effective.

Please note, the OPI foot file used to remove hard skin is new for each client.

30 mins – £26


OPI Pro Spa pedicures

OPI Pedicures

A new gel offers glossy nails, fast curing and easy removal to respect the natural nail.

Pro Spa pedicure 1 hour – £34
with Vinylux finish – £37
Luxury pedicure with more time spent on calluses 75 Minutes – £39
Pro Spa pedicure plus callus peel 1 hour 30 mins – £48
Pro Spa pedicure with gel application 1 hour 40 mins – £49


Ultimate pamper treatment for your feet

The ultimate pamper treatment for you feet

Pro Spa Pedicure with a Callus Peel treatment & Gelcolor to finish.

2 hours 15 mins – £64 (save £9)



Waxing is one beauty service, where experience and technique matter, as well as ensuring clients feel comfortable, especially if you are worried about feeling vulnerable and exposed.  Jo has over 30 years’ experience as a waxer, so you can be assured of a quick, clean and thorough waxing service.

Information for Intimate waxing 

Don’t worry if it’s your first treatment; I will explain everything before your treatment. 

Hygiene is guaranteed at face2face Beauty & Therapeutic massage; our Perron Rigot wax is heated to a comfortable temperature in a single use foil insert which ensures total hygiene for each client.

Where possible please shower beforehand, if you are unable to wipes are provided.  Wear loose comfortable clothing, as wearing tight jeans immediately after your treatment may be slightly uncomfortable. This feeling should not last very long. You may trim hair beforehand, but no shorter than 1.5 cm. Do not wear your best underwear, disposable pants are provided. If you are having a Hollywood wax, it is easier not to wear pants (they can get in the way) but it’s okay to keep them on if it’s your first time! In order to remove all your bikini hair, you will need to hold a few poses, don’t worry about this, I will ensure you feel as relaxed as possible. Lastly, Intimate waxing is uncomfortable, it’s simply not possible to remove course hair without some discomfort, however you will be in expert hands and my waxing methods will ensure your treatment is as comfortable as possible. 

After care

Do not shower immediately after your waxing or use any lotions on your skin. Avoid swimming, all heat treatments and self-tanning products for 24 hours.


Face waxing

Face Waxing


Upper lip 15 mins – £8
Chin 15 mins – £8
Lip and chin 20 mins – £14
Eyebrows 20 mins – £11 – £15


Body waxing

Body Waxing


Half leg 30 mins – £18
Three-quarter leg 40 mins – £22
Full leg 50 mins – £29
Top half leg 30 mins – £22
Underarm 15 mins – £9
Bikini 20 mins – £9-16
Full leg and bikini 1 hour – £36


Intimate waxing

Intimate Waxing


Underarm (Perron Rigot) 25 mins – £12
G-String (Perron Rigot) 50 mins – £22
Brazilian (Perron Rigot) 50 mins – £27
Hollywood – all off (Perron Rigot) 50 mins – £30



Face2Face Beauty offers eyelash tinting and Lash Lift and tint. Lash tinting is extremely effective for all clients with pale lashes and those who lashes have lighter ends. For eyelash tinting please note that you will need a skin test at least 24 hour before your treatment.

Lift and tint is an extremely flattering treatment for anyone who has straight or difficult to curl lashes. Lasting 6 -8 weeks, is a perfect holiday, special occasion treatment. Brides looking for a more natural boost to their lashes, this treatment could be just what you’re looking for. Lashes are naturally curled and fixed into position, making make-up application quick and easy. An allergy test is required a minimum of 24 hours in advance.

  • Before and after eyes
  • Before and after eyes
  • Before and after eyes


Eyelash and eyebrow beauty treatments

Eye Treatments

Eyelash tint 30 mins – £16
Eyebrow tint 20 mins – £7
Lash/brow tint 35 mins – £20
Christian semi-permanent eyebrow make-up 20 mins – £5
Eyebrow shape 30 mins – £10 – £13
Eyebrow tidy 30 mins – £8
Lash Lift and Tint – £40
Lash lift – £35

Jo really cares about giving her clients a first-class experience! Massage, facial, pedicure...all if the highest quality. I highly recommend Jo - a true professional with a very caring approach.

Jane Trotman, Crondall, Farnham

Thank you, Jo, for my teenage daughter's 1st facial. She suffers from teenage acne & body image confidence..... she thoroughly enjoyed this experience & was grateful for all the advice. As a parent, I would thoroughly recommend.

Nikki Dunn, Church Crookham

Thank you, Jo, for my pre-wedding facial I enjoyed every minute! I especially loved the peeling face mask and the exfoliation! Perfect treatment

Amy Allen, Fleet